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Our mission is to redefine the divorce process by creating a more efficient and civil environment with our focus on the children and stability for the family. We understand that divorce can an anxious and tedious experience. At the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida, we excel in efficiency and have created streamlined methods, resulting in lower costs and a smoother process. This includes assistance with divorce proceedings, unforeseen legal affairs arising from divorce cases, guidance on protecting children, and healthier divorce finalizations such as mediation.

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Founder Linda M. Jaffe, P.A.

Linda M. Jaffe, Esquire is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida and a licensed Assistant State Attorney in the State of Texas with more than 30 years of extensive experience representing her clients. Linda graduated Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern University, where she also worked as a staff member for law review. Upon graduating, Linda was offered numerous prestigious positions such as a State Prosecutor and went on to become a criminal defense attorney. With a passion to help families and focus on the well-being of the children, Linda established Law Offices of Linda M. Jaffe, P.A. and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida, where she exclusively devotes her time to marital and family law.

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