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Child Custody Agreement in Florida

Our Mission

With our mission of redefining divorce and easing the divorces process efficiently, The Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida is always vigilant in being aware of the most beneficial and useful resources available. We understand a family unit’s care contains many aspects, and we are experienced in addressing them and acquiring the tools needed for you to be as knowledgeable and as comfortable as possible.

Help Before and After Your Journey

Help Beyond Divorce

The care for your future is very important to us. We understand that a need for supplemental assistance beyond the divorce process may be required. The following are resources that we have found very supportive for our clients as well as links with beneficial information on easing your family into the future.

Our FAQs

Learn the answers to many of your concerns on divorce, including child support, custody, visitation, or paternity.

Divorce Articles

Additional information is always beneficial to your divorce process. Divorce articles are key sources for supplemental information.

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