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The decision to divorce, or learning your spouse wants to divorce is not an easy realization. You may have to relocate, lose time that you have become accustomed to with your children, or recalculate your financial living situation. Coming to a resolution in these areas can be a trying experience. With over 30 years of dedicated experience, Linda Jaffe, P.A. at the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida is a seasoned divorce attorney that understands and can help.

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Divorce is Multifaceted

Trust that your future and peace of mind can rely on our experience. Linda Jaffee, P.A. specializes in all aspects of divorce and determining which areas to focus on for the most favorable result for the client. We have answers to all of your divorce questions and understand the impact this has on your livelihood and your family. 

Divorcing in Florida

Knowing the Two Basic Types of Divorce


Linda Jaffe at the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida has over 30 years of experience in both contested and uncontested divorce. Though each situation is handled differently, Linda is a seasoned attorney that will help guide you through the process.


Contested Divorce; when the parties do not agree on any particular area, requires skilled mediation that we can provide. Whether a disagreement on finances, custody/visitation, payment of alimony, or distribution of assets, mediation from a third party is required before presenting to a judge. We focus on a family-minded outcome and a smoother, efficient process to reach a common ground.

Uncontested Divorce; is when the parties agree on all terms before court. We aid in Marriage Settlement Agreements and moving the process along in a manner that is best for the future of the family, resulting in a minimal amount of time in court.

Alternatives to Traditional Divorce in FL


Linda Jaffe, P.A. and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida specialize in all aspects of divorce and determining which areas to focus on, so that her clients get the most favorable results.


Simplified Divorce: The Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida can make you aware of your eligibility for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. This includes no minors involved or dependants, no current pregnancy, and a division of assets that is satisfactory to all parties. An amiable and simple way to move on to your new future.

Annulment: The process of declaring a marriage valid or void from the beginning or time of judgment. We can assist in financial issues such as awarding support, dividing retirement, insurance, investments, property or stock, and dividing assets and debts. We also handle custody and parenting plans.

Separation: The state of Florida does not recognize legal separation. If divorce is not what you want, but child support or alimony is needed, we can assist in filing a petition and representing your case in court. Linda Jaffe, a dedicated divorce attorney can also mediate a separation agreement.

Separation Agreement: Usually covering alimony, child support, child custody, financial and property division, or the handling of existing bills, a separation agreement is for when you may not be ready for divorce. When approved by the courts, this agreement will help to avoid trial and extensive costs. We help in writing separation agreements, or in cases of reconciliation, cancel them.

Children Involved In Divorce


It’s natural to be concerned about an impending divorce when children are involved. Linda Jaffe, P.A. is an experienced divorce attorney that will guide you through all aspects of the divorce process always aiming for a civil outcome with your children’s well-being in mind.


Child Support: Linda Jaffe, P.A. will strive to protect you and your children. Divorce, paternity, or custody cases can create a child support need and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Floirda is here to ensure your family will have what it is dependant on, including modifications on previous child support orders.

Paternity: Legally identifying the father may be crucial in deciding visitation, custody, determining child support, and settling child support disputes. We can assist in filing paternity actions for fathers wishing to pursue rights with the child, mothers wishing to obtain support from the child’s father, or for a father to disprove his biological attachment and legal responsibility to the child.

Parenting Plan/Modifications: Today, many parents in Florida are required to develop a parenting plan concerning all aspects of the children’s care and upbringing. The Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida assists families in making a workable plan with the children’s needs and best interests in mind. Through meditation and research, we help our clients, our clients children, and former spouse come to a common ground.

Relocation: We understand there are practical and serious reasons to relocate, or the fear and possible change of being farther away from your children if your former spouse wishes to relocate. We can aid either spouse in relocating or stopping a move with the families interest in mind.


Linda Jaffe, P.A. and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida specialize in easing the client through all areas of divorce with skill and expertise. Our goal is to have a civil and therapeutic approach while setting you up for a favorable future with the family unit in mind.

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