Child Support in Florida

With many considerations and factors concerning child support, it is in your best interest to have our professional assistance in pursuing what is best for your family. Defining the child’s needs in health or dental insurance, daycare, time-sharing between parents, or procuring payment for prior court-ordered child support may seem intimidating. The smallest detail may have a lasting effect on you and your child’s life and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida is here to guard the security of your family’s future.

Child Support Agreement Lawyer in Broward County, Florida
Fair Child Support Agreement Lawyer in Broward County, FL
Child Support Attorneys

The Child Support You Deserve

With many financial factors such as insurance or ongoing medical care, daycare, schooling expenses, and general day to day needs, knowing that you are properly addressing all of these factors may seem daunting. We understand and have solid methods in achieving the best child support results for our client.

Not Just Support, But Peace of Mind

Child Support Enforcement in Florida


The State of Florida has designated a Child Support Enforcement Program which is administered through the Department of Revenue. In some cases, it may be a challenge to collect the support amount that is owed. We can aid you through the process of not only setting a legal child support amount, but also guide you through the support enforcement process for future payments or to address delinquent payments. With the family unit always in mind, we assist in all factors of divorce with a focus on an end result, fairness and contentment.

Knowing Your Children Are Take Care of


The Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida is seasoned in child support matters and you knowing you are taken care of is of paramount importance to us. Easing our client through major decisions without the cloud of worry and anxiety is our top goal. Efficiency in knowing what to expect and being prepared for it is key to streamlining the child support process. With multiple lasting decisions with such a heavy effect, having confidence and a solid state of mind is a tool we can bring by being by your side. Contact the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida with any child support needs and we will be happy to assist you.

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