Divorce Mediation in Florida

Divorce mediation in Florida is not only recommended but often required before a court hearing. Mediation is key to both parties coming to a fair and balanced outcome with the focus on the family unit. Mediation has the most power to affect the length and simplicity of a trial, if a trial is necessary. With over 30 years of experience represting her clients, Linda Jaffe, P.A. has the experitise to guide you towards a favorable and civil divorce process.

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Mediation Can Be Transformative

Our Mediation Outlook

Professional mediation can not only assist in deciding important elements such as custody, finances, and assets but also create an environment where negotiations are agreed upon before trial. Leaving the major decisions up to the clients, rather than a judge, Linda Jaffe and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida pride ourselves at specializing in mediation that is productive and a system that amicably resolves a marriage.

Divorce Mediation Examined

Benefits of Divorce Mediation


The benefits of mediation for divorce is saving time, money, and having peace of mind. Mediation is used to come to a resolution on issues large and small. It shortens the litigation process, sidesteps the formal procedure of divorce court, and drastically cuts down attorney and court fees. Linda Jaffe, P.A. and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida believe mediation is especially beneficial for parents, as choices can be made jointly about the future of the children, custody, time-sharing, and child care. A neutral mediator is essential to creating a resolution that both parties feel they had a part in the decision process, and are heard.

Is Mediation for Divorce Worth the Cost?


When negotiating any aspects of your future, it is vital to do it right. Divorce mediation is worth the cost of doing it correctly. An unbiased and seasoned mediator will work to resolve all issues and come to a common ground before court. Hearings, where outcomes were decided and agreed upon by the clients beforehand, are substantially more affordable and a much less stressful experience for the clients, children, and family involved. Linda Jaffe’s focus is to provide a safe and smooth envoirnment for all parties involved.

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