Child Custody in Florida

Handling the child custody process correctly, is essential to ensuring a supportive and positive future for your child. Shared or sole parental responsibilities encompass many different avenues and having guidance through the process is key. With concern towards your children’s health and safety, developmental and emotional needs,and general well-being, child custody defines explicit guidelines on how the future of your child will be handled.

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Aspects of Child Custody in FL

Whether it is for legal custody, physical custody, shared parental responsibility, or sole custody, legal representation is crucial to navigating through this and knowing what the best option is for you and your child. Linda Jaffe, P.A. recognizes the significance of the environment for the child, as well as the physical and mental health of the parents.

Help With Important Decisions

Modifications to Child Custody


There are many aspects and options to consider when modifying child custody. Substantial change in circumstances or dissatisfaction with a previous child custody decision may result in the need for a modification to child custody. You may feel that your child is not in the optimal environment for their development and livelihood. Linda Jaffe at the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida can assist you in acquiring the needed information and walking you through the steps to obtain a more desirable custody result. We understand the physical and mental wellness of your child is paramount.

Preparing for Your Custody Hearing in Florida


Linda Jaffe and the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida understand the emotional impact and lasting effect of child custody decisions and are experienced in preparing clients for anything that may arise. We are experienced in guiding clients to the most beneficial results in your child custody hearing. We know that understanding the magnitude of these decisions is crucial in handling the matter correctly. Contact us to aid you in preparing to make these major life changes and ensuring a satisfactory future for you and your child.

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