Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

10 Ways To Sabotage Your Child Custody Battle

When it comes to child custody proceedings, the worst thing you can do is let anger lead your decisions. Your behavior will be scrutinized by the court and your actions moving forward will impact the court’s decision on how much time you will and will not have with your children. We know divorce can bring out many painful and erratic emotions but it is important to stay civil in order to keep your child’s best interest in mind.


1.  Interrogate the child about the other parent.

2.  Interfering with the other parent’s ability to communicate with the child.

3. Interfering with the child’s contact with the other parent.

4.  Seeking medical attention for a child and not involving the other parent nor informing them.

5.  Changing a minor child’s school or daycare without the consent of the other parent.

6.  Taking the minor child out of state without advising the other parent and providing appropriate information.

7.  Showing up at the other parent’s home during that parent’s visitation in an effort to remove the child.

8.  Refusing to turn a child over to the other parent on their designated time-sharing day.

9.  Encouraging the minor child to turn against the other parent or to refuse to visit with the other parent.

10.  Refusing to co-parent with the other parent in terms of working together to make joint decisions regarding the wellbeing of the child.


The courts will punish a parent for the above behavior. In the mind of the court, a parent acting in this manner is not looking out for the child’s best interest and are putting their emotional needs before the child. The court does not distinguish between the mom and dad. Violators will lose valuable rights and time with their children.

Linda Jaffe, P.A.

Linda M. Jaffe, P.A. is the founder of the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida and the Law Offices of Linda Jaffe, P.A. Linda has more than 30 years of extensive experience as a licensed Attorney in the State of Florida and a licensed Assistant State Attorney in Texas. With her specialty in family and marital law, Linda is dedicated to protecting children and helping make the divorce process a smooth and civil matter for everyone involved.

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