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10 Threats Made During Divorce

The following types of statements made against the other parent concern the Court, as it is a strong indicator that the threatening parent will be engaging in behavior that does not foster a relationship between the children and the other parent. Candidly, the Judges do not want to hear nonsense, they are simply focused on the facts and rely heavily on the status quo.


1.  I will get full custody of our children or child.

2.  I am going to tell the Judge that you are a drug addict, alcoholic, criminal, abusive to your children or that you have mental health issues and no Judge will let you see your children.

3.  I will quit my job before I will pay you one dollar.

4.  Your attorney just wants your money.

5.  Let’s just use my attorney and save money.

6.  If you do not divide things the way I want, the Judge will make us sell everything.

7.  You hired a really stupid lawyer.

8.  We should go straight to mediation and resolve this or the Judge is going to do things we will not like and our lawyers will spend all of our money.

9.  You will never see your children again.

10.  I am going to drag this case out until you run out of money.


We assure you that despite these threats, the things set forth above will not be occurring.  If the other parent says you are mentally unstable, an addict or abusive to your children, yet they have allowed you to care for the children unsupervised for any period of time, common sense says this is meritless. Making these types of accusations against the other parent is very concerning to the Court. What this says to the Judge is that the threatening parent is not going to foster a relationship with the other parent and the children, because they are disparaging the other parent. These kinds of threats have a tendency to backfire on the parent making the statements. 

Linda Jaffe, P.A.

Linda M. Jaffe, P.A. is the founder of the Divorce & Mediation Center of Florida and the Law Offices of Linda Jaffe, P.A. Linda has more than 30 years of extensive experience as a licensed Attorney in the State of Florida and a licensed Assistant State Attorney in Texas. With her specialty in family and marital law, Linda is dedicated to protecting children and helping make the divorce process a smooth and civil matter for everyone involved.

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